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Rapid Fitness Trainer

A revolutionary and innovative vibration platform with built-in speakers, that is engineered for optimum strength and toning results in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional exercise methods. It produces muscle-contracting multi-dimensional vibrations using a side alternating rocking movement. With a larger 350W powerful motor adjustable over 120-speed increment levels, screen with lights, blue tooth connecting to powerful built-in speakers for music, it is truly the ultimate vibration fitness that strikes the perfect balance between fitness and relaxation.

Featuring blue tooth, built-in speakers, lights for enhanced music experience, now you can enjoy music at the same time!
$799 Only

Advantage Plus 11

Portable massage cushion for your home, car, or office provides a deep tissue massage. The massage cushion has jade heads heat and vibration functions which gives a soothing and revitalizing massage and with the convenience of remote control.

Comes with vibration, heat, and tapping a 12-volt adaptor, and a 240 power adaptor.
$349 Only

Mini Pro
Masseuse Lifestyle

Eliminates Fatigue in back muscles, neck shoulders, the waist and other targeted areas around the body, It relaxes tense muscles and unrattles nerves. It is very beneficial after exercise and relatives pain in arms, neck and shoulders. Perfect for anyone who needs to relieve muscular tension. For use at home, in the office or travelling.

$249 Only